Group Rates

BMSC, LLC now offering group rates for ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D Implementations!

Product details

  • All companies in the group get a set of templates.
  • One day of group training on how to customize the templates, it would be a work along project where we would go through each item in the templates one at a time and the company can mark up a hard copy or be typing things in as we go
  • The companies would spend the next two weeks customizing the templates more and sending to BMSC to review through email
  • BMSC would conduct a 3 day ISO Lead Auditor course in the City where the companies are located (2 people from each company included in the package price and $995/person for each additional person); if it is AS9100 it is a 5 day course and it is $1,695/person
  • Two weeks after the ISO course BMSC will conduct a two day training (all companies together however many people they want to send) on documenting internal process audits, corrective action, risk evaluation and how to set meaningful objectives and conduct effective management reviews (again in the City where the companies are located)
  • Over the next month the companies will conduct their own audits, then BMSC will schedule one day at each company to do a pre-assessment audit and help with preparation for the official audit

Product price or special offer

Group rates for 5 companies or more is $9,000 per company for ISO 9001:2015 and $10,000 per company for AS9100D. The process is $1,000 less for 10 companies or more. This is a significant savings over the company getting the same services as an individual company.